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A work permit is also known as obtaining a "certificate of sponsorship" from a registered employer. Obtain your next work permit through ICS Legal, the UK Border Agency new system of registered sponsors requires compliance to ensure migrants are treated fairly in the UK. The UK Border Agency since 2008 has changed the working categories dramatically, by bringing forward the Points Based System and replacing the old work permit system. 

The introduction of the investor routes, as well as the closure of the Tier 1 General, has led to immense pressure for working individuals to feel secure at work in the UK. In addition, the closure of the Tier 1 Post Study work has affected 000’s of students in the UK. Call us today on 0207 237 3388 to discuss your case or complete our contact form, by clicking here

Our regulated legal advisors are in the position to advise on the following process of obtaining a UK work permit:

  1. Tier 2 Work Permit in which you will work for a specified employer in the UK, this is the sponsored skilled visa. Employers are required to provide the Certificate of Sponsorship to apply. Click here to read more information on how to apply for this type of sponsorship and the work permit conditions

  2. Intra Company Transfer programmes with a un-capped certificate of sponsorships.

  3. Tier 1 Business Programme, the UK Border Agency now require minimum investments from £50,000 - £200,000 in which applicants can obtain 3 years leave.

  4. Graduate Entrepreneur scheme which requires no monetary investments.

  5. Tier 5 Categories enabling individuals obtaining leave to work in the UK, and work experience.

  6. Representatives of Overseas businesses.

It’s important that you read the working sections on our site, and obtain advice through one of our advisors. As for UK businesses and educational organisations:

  1. Employers are now required to be Work Permit, Points Based System Sponsor License holders. To see more details on how an employer can obtain a work permit licence, click here

  2. Meet the required labour market test before applying for the relevant Work Permit. 

  3. Educational providers need to apply for HTS licence to sponsor students.

ICS Legal always ensures you are provided with:

  1. Concise advice on your enquiry, we will explain the process of obtaining a work permit document, also known as a CoS, if the employer holds a sponsor licence. 

  2. Create a work permit program and ensuring clear steps are provided to you to follow so that the work permit can be secured. 

  3. Realistic strategies are put into action for all our clients, looking to work under the work permit. 

  4. We will advise, support and prepare any UK work permit applications on your behalf. 

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Contact us today on 0207 237 3388 and speak to one of our work permit advisors, your now able to book consultations online, click to book a consultation here. Alternatively, go through other sections of our site to find out more information on categories you find suitable.

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