Digital and IT Specialists

At ICS Legal we always want to improve our services to meet your standards and expectations. We value your feedback and based on this we have launced Tech ICS, which is your trusted Digital Partner. 

The technical team is based in London and Sylhet to support your business needs.

Our services:

  • Web Development Services, from standard websites to a more effective Custom Dynamic Website for businesses and institutions.

  • Web Based Application Design and Development.

  • Digital Marketing, covering Search Engine Optimisation.

  • Cloud & Data Server Management Services.

  • Managed services which includes servers, hosting, domain to name some of the services we offer. 

Disruptive Behaviour, market competitiveness is key for us, we will aim to match any fees quoted. Get in touch. Where you have a specific request, get in touch with us and let us generate a service that would work for you.

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Email: | UK Tel: 0333 344 7237 | Sylhet Tel: 01762 062 834 

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